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2016-09-30: Dolphin found shot dead in Nelson Mandela Bay

  • November 2016
  • Posted By GunFreeSA

Port Elizabeth, Eastern Cape, South Africa

Researchers from the Bayworld Oceanarium in Nelson Mandela Bay have determined that a female bottlenose dolphin found stranded on Maitland Beach on Wednesday was shot. The adult female was in a healthy condition and was lactating, which indicates that she most likely had a calf at the time of her death. The dolphin’s carcass was retrieved from Maitland Beach on Wednesday by Bayworld and a necropsy was done on Thursday by Ms Isabelle Callealta, who is currently working on her PhD comparing the health of bottlenose and humpback dolphins. “During today’s necropsy and health assessment, we recovered a single bullet. The bullet penetrated both lungs and was found lodged against a rib bone,” said Callealta. Full Story


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