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Gun Free South Africa’s response to release of 2012/13 crime statistics: “Increase in violent crime not surprising”

  • September 2013
  • Posted By GunFreeSA
19 September 2013: Gun Free South Africa is not surprised at the increase in violent crime, in particular the increase in both murder and attempted murder. Over the last two years the organisation has raised concern about the integrity of the firearms control management system, in particular the issuing of firearm licences. Furthermore, trauma surgeons across the country have noted an increase in the number of people presenting with gun shots at tertiary-level hospitals during this same period.  Are the increase in the number of firearms in circulation and the increase in both murder and attempted murder connected? The evidence shows, both in South Africa and globally, that strengthening national firearms control regimes can and does reduce the incidence and rates of firearm homicides. In the 2011/2012 annual South African Police Service (SAPS) report, the year in which SAPS posted the lowest ever reported murder figures at a rate of 30.9/100,000 (15, 695 total murders), the SAPS acknowledged that the steady decrease in murders over a ten year period was primarily due to the significant decrease in gun-related deaths. This