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Gun Free South Africa’s response to the killing of Mandla Hlatshwayo

  • May 2017
  • Posted By GunFreeSA


Gun Free South Africa’s response to the killing of Mandla Hlatshwayo.

Gun Free South Africa welcomes the statements from the Minister of Police Fikile Mbalula highlighting the importance of using the Firearms Control Act to remove guns and save lives.

While the Minister’s words are welcomed, GFSA urges the minister to act with urgency. The sad death of Mandla Hlatshwayo, who was shot and killed in an armed robbery is another life snuffed out because of gun violence. He is one of 16 people killed that day because their murderers had access to a gun.

Enough is enough.

The Minister of Police has the power to implement change and directly limit access to firearms and save lives by doing the following:

1: Bring an amendment to parliament to strengthen the Firearms Control Act

2 Enforcement of the Firearms Control Act

3: Implement a no questions asked Firearms Amnesty

4: Implement intelligence-driven operations to recover and remove illegal guns

Change will only be activated if the above is taken on as a multi-pronged approach and if the minister addresses illegal and legal guns at the same time. The evidence shows that limiting access to firearms through stricter gun laws can reduce gun deaths, as has been demonstrated in this country, and elsewhere in the world.

Firearm violence is a leading cause of death in South Africa, with a recorded homicide rate of 33/100, 000 populations against the global average homicide rate of 6.2/100,000 populations. Furthermore, firearms are one of the leading instruments of homicide; in the 2015/16 crime statistics it was reported that 16 people are shot and killed every day; just less than 6000 people a year. Despite the significant reduction in gun deaths since the introduction of stricter gun laws in South Africa in 2000 (from 34 gun deaths a day in 1998 to 16 a day in 2015), there are still far too many guns in circulation, with too many gun deaths.

Swift decisive action is needed to help end this war which threatens our communities, families, schools and businesses.

Honour the victims. Stand up for the survivors. Protect the people.


Nurahn Ryklief, Communications and Community Stakeholder Officer at Gun Free South Africa

Cell phone: 071 876 1135