Gun Free South Africa rejects this cynical advert with disgust.

The advert deliberately misrepresents what GFSA stands for.  We are committed to reducing gun violence.

The advert fraudulently uses GFSA’s logo. Please note it says Gun Free South African. We are Gun Free South Africa.

GFSA has requested Facebook to remove the post and we are taking further legal action.

This advert exploits women’s vulnerability to rape. It attempts to mobilise women’s legitimate fear of rape to advocate for gun ownership in the home. And what we know is that a gun in the home places women at greater risk.

Thanks to our supporters for alerting us.

If your partner owns a gun, you could be the next target Click here to read more.

Gun Free SA’s winning ad for NGOs

Watch the ad promoting responsible gun ownership that the Advertising Standards Authority’s Final Appeal Committee ruled was an expression of opinion on a matter of public importance and thus outside its jurisdiction, setting an important precedent for NGO advocacy advertising.